Alvek Eliadis is one of the largest windows construction companies in Greece. The company was founded in 1981 by Mr. Eliadis Spyros, Chairman & CEO until today, and it is located in Xanthi.

The modern privately owned facilities are at 7 km. of Xanthi-Kavala, occupying 40,000 sqm while the factory building is housed in 9,000 sqm.

Alvek is a frame construction complex with multiple capabilities that is able to meet all architectural needs. It is a highly modern, technologically advanced and fully integrated aluminum frame production plant as well as synthetic (pvc) frames, rolling shutters, insect screens and other related products in the industry. Marking a successful road in manufacturing, Alvek has been identified with expertise, experience and development with the ultimate goal of delivering quality and excellent results.

The company’s presence in the industry was initially established, with the construction of aluminum frames. Then we decided to manufacture synthetic frames, by making a great first impression as well.

In the early years of company’s appearence, Alvek had a large turnover targeting only on the local retail. In 2000, the company established a new marketing strategy involving a network of franchise stores with representatives from Evros to Thessaly. Since 2004, Alvek’s affiliate network has been rapidly expanding, resulting in company’s turning to wholesales exclusively within Greece and abroad. By 2017, Alvek has succeeded in collaborating perfectly with its partners in a wide network from Evros to Peloponnese and most of our islands, as well as to France, Germany, India, Israel, Canada and Cyprus.

The main goal of the company is the continuous development and continuous evolution of services aiming to manufacturing energy-efficient and quality products with respect to the environment and the consumer.

Alvek’s products are characterized by their excellent quality, due to certified materials, their correct construction using highly modern machinery and thanks to specialized personnel and finally to all standard procedures followed throughout their production, as required by the quality certificate ISO 9001 and CE conformity marking in order to certify that the product we produce meets all European specifications.

  • Aluminum Frames & Synthetic PVC
  • Roller Shutters, Garage doors & Shading Systems (Movable blinds in buildings)
  • Aluminum pergolas
  • Special Aluminum Constructions (derivatives, arcs, circulars, guillotines)
  • Insect Screens
  • Window glass
  • Office partitions
  • Glass panes & Etalbonds
  • Armored & Interior Doors
  • Aluminum Railings & Folding Safety Railings
  • Floors
  • Curtain rods

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