Alvek Eliadis, having gained many years of experience and continuous development in the field of aluminum and the construction of synthetic frames, is now able to recognize that unaccountable economic prosperity is incompatible with the development and prosperity of citizens.

They can be combined through well-organized environmental management actions. Only when the production processes towards environment, elimination of pollution, energy saving & consumables and reduction of negative impact on the environment are primarily respected.

This philosophy has led Alvek Eliadis to manufacture frames using materials that can be recycled and thus to contribute to the protection of our planet, as well as to recycle all of our waste materials. In addition, the products that the company has manufactured are energy-efficient, contributing substantially to energy savings. Finally, Alvek Eliadis, being responsible towards the environment, remains a pioneer in designing energy-saving solutions, investing in the development of new and technologically advanced products that improve the quality of life.