Alvek Eliadis is a construction company specializing in the manufacture of aluminum and synthetic frames since 1981. Alvek Eliadis is one of the largest companies in Greece, having a significant market position with a wide list of clients in over 1000 companies.

Providing high-quality products to the customer is the heart of corporate practice. The specialized and technical knowledge, the quality of service and technological infrastructure are the main components that ensure successful project results. The vast experience, the wide variety of projects in different fields and the integration of services offered by the company have made it the most suitable and reliable partner.

During the last 15 years company’s sales network has been expanded with dealers all over Greece and abroad and the company is now exclusively specialized in wholesales, that is to say manufacturers and traders of aluminum and PVC, providing them with high quality turnkey frames.

Key benefits of collaborating with Alvek:

  • The quality of products is ensured by the branded raw materials used to frames with sound insulation, thermal insulation, anti-burglary protection, waterproofing and resistance over time and their proper construction, which is strictly followed in accordance with the specifications. In addition, each product is certified by ISO 9001 and bears the CE marking, providing you all the necessary certificates and a 10-year warranty that you will deliver to the end customer (individual).
  • Its consistency results in a fast and secure delivery of orders using its own means of transport.
  • The support to its clientele by building long-lasting relationships of cooperation and trust and acting as a permanent consultant on all technical issues that may arise.
  • The investment in its staff, which is composed by well-trained partners of all specialties, is at the same time the core of success.
  • The continuous training of its partners following technological development at all levels in order to continuously improve the quality of service provided and the final result.
  • Its excellent organizational structure aiming at the optimum service provided to the clients, which is an essential factor for the company. For your convenience, our company issues financial studies on a daily basis, provides technical advice when requested, and after-sales services ensuring the guarantee of the product provided to the client and that Alvek is always at clients’ disposal.
  • By purchasing an Alvek frame, which is provided to you at the lowest market prices, you save from the produced and non-cost-effective time spent on constructing the product, as well as the waste material and potential errors that may arise.