Alvek breathes new life to your frames. The functional and modern constructions, designed by you, are perfectly implemented by us. The advanced technical features of our systems ensure the ability to cover large openings with excellent functioning results, while providing high levels of thermal insulation, certified safety and full efficiency of space.

The modern design of our products guarantees high quality frames in a dynamic style, while the endless color correlations reflected in the latest architectural trends contribute to the creation of unique structures.

Alvek, operating more than 37 years in the industry, has shown impressive growth, by investing significant amounts in innovative ideas and applying cutting-edge technologies and management techniques. At the same time, the company has sought and achieved the integration of its production and created high quality products that meet the highest requirements of its customers-partners, enabling them to respond positively to the increasing demands and competitive market conditions.

Alvek has designed and developed integrated aluminum systems for doors and windows, synthetic frames, rolling shutters, garage doors, shutters, glass panes, parasols, office partitions, shading systems. Alvek, with its entire line of products and services, enables its customers to choose a permanent solution. We know that you are looking for the perfect result and we offer you the option to choose the color you desire from a rich color palette. Electrostatic aluminum paints offer unique stability and durability even in the toughest weather conditions. Thus, we offer you a product that meets your expectations, which you will enjoy for many years with the minimum of maintenance. In addition to the wide range of RAL and special metallic colors, Alvek also offers a variety of wood scale with a unique collection of wood colors that we enrich according to the latest fashion trends. Painting of aluminum in wood color is done by using the method of sublimation color, which is the only method that ensures the aesthetics & enhanced durability.

Technical support

At Alvek we build development partnerships For that reason, the team of Commercial Department is well-trained in order to be able to provide high quality services for the ideal choice of construction systems and their excellent specification.