Description As one of the leading profiles manufacturers in the world, Veka AG exclusively produces the highest quality frame profiles, Grade A, according to the DIN EN 12608. Profiles of grade A are the ideal base for quality frames. They are sturdier and their angular bonding strength is up to 20% higher than Grade B. In addition, Grade A profiles are more difficult to deform compared to Grade B profiles, as their bending and distortion are 12% lower than Grade B. Regarding the tensile strength of screws on the pvc, Grade A profiles provide the mechanisms with safer support as approximately 20% strength is required.   They provide greater anti-burglary protection, high thermal and sound insulation values, and remain fully functional even after many years of use.   Veka Ekosol has a classic design, with an elegant curved profile. The classic one is distinguished from the slightly oblique, while the surfaces of the synthetic frame are smooth without pores for easy grooming.   The specially designed iron reinforcements (based on Veka specifications) that provide high rigidity and the ability to mount devices against break-ins.